Thursday, November 18, 2010

SEPTA Has Libraries??!!!!

Wow! I did not know this but apparently 28 Regional Rail station ticket offices have SEPTA Customer Libraries, where riders can swap out books, etc. on the honor system. Who knew!! What a fantastic idea.

It's always interesting to peek over at fellow train riders and see what they are reading. On the trains I take books outnumber newspapers, and there is a good diversity of hardback / paperback, fiction / non-fiction, religious / secular. I've gotten some good book recommendations on the train.

SEPTA recently held a book drive, called "A Good Book is a Good Treat." More than 45,000 books were collected. Of those 1,500 will go to existing or new customer libraries. the bulk of the books, 31,500 will be sent to United Way and another 12,000 to the City of Philadelphia’s Literacy Group for distribution to community centers, homeless shelters, daycare centers and schools throughout our region.

I'm hardly unbiased but, in my experience, train people are good people.

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