Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Few Thoughts on the 2010 Campaigns

The polls have closed but results aren't available yet, so let's take a minute in between the reflect. While this blog is definitely partisan people on both sides of the aisle have also told me it is fair. I think what they mean by that is the blog is even-keeled to a degree. I don't do "gotcha" and try to avoid partisan hyperventilation. Sometimes that gets tricky because I can't call the Republicans on something the Democrats do as well, unless I call foul with them too. As an example, sometimes a campaign will send me press releases criticizing an incumbent for being in office too long. The district down the road praises their incumbent for being such a good legislator so just as long or longer. I avoid writing on either because you can't do both without tying yourself into a pretzel.

Given that, let me say a few things:

1) It is never a good idea to mess with ballots. Regardless of how pure one's motives may be, no good can come of it, and plenty of trouble probably will. Monitoring the process or working to fix flaws is one thing, getting involved in it is another.

2) It is never a good idea to help a ringer get on the ballot. Most campaigns find that getting signatures for one candidate is enough work, trying to get signatures for two will only trip you up.

3) Your righteous outrage when someone attacks your religion is lessened when you have belittled other religions, even if you did so in the name of "humor."

4) Transparency is always the best option. Made up names and dodgy answers aren't good campaign tactics.

Sermon over, let's go back to watching the returns.

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