Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Quick Look at John Toth

John Toth is the Democratic candidate for the 142nd state house district. The 142nd contains parts of Middletown Township and Lower Southampton Township, and the towns of Langhorne, Langhorne Manor, Penndel, and Hulmeville in Bucks County. The district has been changing hands quite a bit lately. In 2006 Democrat Chris King won the seat from Republican Matt Wright. In 2008 King lost it to Frank Farry.

Toth is the former chairman of the Democratic Party of Middletown. He is a Navy veteran where he worked in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power program, currently, an electrician with Boeing and also works as a real estate agent.

He says the biggest issue facing the state is jobs. He would like to see a coordinated effort between state, county and local governments to create business incentives. Other issues he would like to tackle are a bloated legislature and property tax reform (Adler, 2/19/2010) He is in favor of taxing cigars and smokeless tobacco. In regards to state pensions he is quoted:

We need to look into changing (pension) vesting requirements for non-vested employees, stop underfunding state obligation and perhaps, most importantly, we need to enact laws that prevent pension plans form investing in risky investments. (Adler, 2/28/2010)

Toth has an issues page on his campaign website outlining some of his other concerns, including Marcellus Shale, and education. Toth has written a number of letters to the editor concerning political and social matters. Some of these are on the “news” part of his site.

Voters in that district are encouraged to visit his site and learn more about his candidacy.


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