Friday, October 29, 2010

New SEPTA Silverliner Cars

Today SEPTA debuted the new silverliner cars. Here are a few facts about the new train cars:

• 120 New Cars to be purchased by SEPTA under $274 million contract with
Hyundai-Rotem USA
• First three-car train began regular revenue service Oct. 29, 2010
• New cars replace some old trains and add to fleet. Approximately 70 old
railcars will eventually be retired. Added capacity will help alleviate
• Manufacturer: Hyundai-Rotem; shells built in South Korea, assembly in South
• Specifications (each car approx.) - Size: 85 feet-long, 10 feet, 6 inches wide,
and 14 feet, 8 inches high; Seating: 108-110 riders; Railcar weight: 146,600
• Passenger Amenities: Bright, spacious interiors featuring non-glare
florescent lighting; large windows; video screens and digital panels that
display travel information and service updates; wide mid-car doors designed
to make boarding/departing easier; State-of-the-art railcar airconditioning
and heating systems
• Energy efficient: Cars utilize AC Propulsion System with a traction motor to
regenerate electricity during braking, thus saving energy.

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