Monday, September 27, 2010

Walter Hood and Pittsburgh's Hill District

The October issue of Fast Company has an interesting article on landscape designer Walter Hood ("This Land is Your Land"). Here is one quick description of part of his work there:

With help from a local not-for-profit, Hood collected thousands of color photographs from Hill District residents. When construction begins on the $1.5 million Garden Passage next spring, those images will be embedded in giant glass "curtains" adorning the four terraces along the steps. Hood used a similar technique with historical photos at the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Memorial in San Francisco. "The idea," he says, "is that the community that once existed in this place is brought back through another set of layers, like a great performer taking a final bow." Hence the name of the Pittsburgh piece: Curtain Call.

Further information the projects can be found in "Hill District to rediscover itself via 'greenprint'," by Meredith Skrzypczak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (June 16, 2010).

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