Thursday, September 23, 2010

Statement from John Toth

from the inbox:


All my life, I have lived by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Navy taught me to be responsible for my own actions, to have the integrity to stand up when I see wrongdoing, and perhaps most importantly, to speak truth to power.

Unfortunately, Frank Farry has decided to live by a different Golden Rule. To Frank, it is silence that is golden.

In 2008, Frank ran a campaign that attacked his opponent for refusing to call out Representative Bill DeWeese, who was under investigation at the time and who was later arrested for corruption. Candidate Farry said that it was not enough to criticize behind closed doors. In 2010, though, Representative Farry is singing—or NOT singing—from a different song sheet.

Integrity sometimes requires you to do things that are painful. Integrity sometimes requires you to do things that are not politically expedient. Pennsylvania needs legislators willing to stand-­‐up for what is right, not stand mute, captive to their own hypocritical self-­‐interests. You've gotta be willing to point the finger when you see wrongdoing, even if it needs to pointed at your own party. Frank Farry just
can't seem to do that.

Instead he continues to stand silent. Painfully silent.

In 2007, when the Attorney General started investigating Farry’s powerful political ally, Representative John Perzel, Frank said nothing.

In 2008, when Perzel's home was raided, Frank said nothing.

In fact, EVEN AFTER THE RAID, Frank collected $21,000 in campaign contributions from his friend John Perzel.

All the while, Frank thundered away at his then-­‐Democratic opponent for not speaking
up about Bill DeWeese. Frank was able to find the courage to speak when it concerned his opponent and the opposite party.

But in 2009, when Frank Farry’s political patron was brought to court in handcuffs to face corruption charges, Frank said nothing.

Not a word.

Not even a peep from Frank about John Perzel or the $21,000 in campaign contributions.

Frank hasn't uttered a single word of protest or complaint regarding Representative John Perzel despite his arrest and disgrace for allegedly ripping-­‐off taxpayers.

That's wrong.

Has he returned the money received from Perzel. Nope.

That's wrong, too.

I call upon Frank Farry to stand up for integrity and speak truth to power. Call upon Representative John Perzel to resign and return or contribute to charity the $21,000.

Have the courage of your convictions.

The hypocrisy has to end. I’m not afraid to call for the resignation of each and every legislator who has been arrested on corruption charges. That includes Republicans as well as Democrats.

That’s what doing unto others as you would have them do unto you means. That’s accountability—and I hope that my constituents will hold me accountable for my actions, just as I am holding Frank accountable for his inaction.

I'm not afraid to say that. But Frank is. And that's a key difference between the two of us.

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