Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ruth Damsker on the State Senate

from the inbox:

Ruth Damsker, former Montgomery County Commissioner, stood alongside her fellow State Senate candidates at a Harrisburg press conference and expressed her disappointment with the failure of the Republican Senate to pass a budget on time or to pass revenue-generating legislation such as the False Claims Act (SB 1113).

“Last year the budget was passed 101 days late, and when the budget was passed this year, it left huge holes on the revenue side,” Damsker said. “Stewart Greenleaf needs to answer for his role in that process.”

Damsker’s opponent is 32-year incumbent Stewart Greenleaf who, as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has the authority to advance the False Claims Act. The bill would allow taxpayers to recover penalty monies when fraud has been committed.

“In the current economy, it is unacceptable to allow such revenue-generating legislation as the False Claims Act to languish in committee. Other states with similar legislation have recovered millions of dollars, but because of a lack of leadership in the Pennsylvania Senate, we are missing out on this revenue.”

Ruth Damsker is the Democratic nominee in the 12th Senatorial District, which includes parts of Montgomery and Bucks Counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. She was married to the late Dr. Jeffrey Damsker for 35 years; her 3 sons are physicians and her daughter is a teacher. She is the proud grandmother of 5 young children and lives in Upper Gwynedd.

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