Friday, September 24, 2010

Report on the Rising American Electorate

In the 2008 elections young and minority voters came out to the polls in unusually large numbers. Will those voters turn about again in 2010? We'll see in November. In the meantime, Project Vote has produced a report called "What happened to hope and change?" by Lorraine C. Minnite The survey is of people who voted in 2008.

From their website:

The report, by Project Vote research director Lori Minnite, provides new information on attitudes toward government and government spending by American voters. The telephone poll was conducted in July and August and includes responses from 1,947 Americans who cast ballots in 2008, with special samples drawn of black voters, low-income voters, and voters under the age of 30. This allowed Project Vote to make reliable comparisons among these three groups, self-identified Tea Party sympathizers, and all 2008 voters.

The full report is a 29 page pdf.

From the executive summary:
In contrast to the population that identifies themselves as sympathetic to the "Tea Party"
• More voters agree that, "government should work to provide for the needs of all citizens" than they do with the statement that, "government should do no more than provide national defense and police protection, so that people are left alone to earn whatever they can."
• A majority favor requiring wealthy Americans to pay more social security taxes and taxes on investments.
• A clear majority believe that to address the federal budget deficit, combat operations in Iraq and
Afghanistan should be ended.
• A clear majority think government should spend more or the same on income security programs such
as food stamps.
• A strong majority think government should spend less on tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.
• A strong majority trust the federal government to ensure that banks and credit card companies treat
customers fairly and to protect consumers from fraudulent business practices.
• A strong majority believe the minimum wage should be raised.
• They overwhelmingly plan to vote in 2010.

and also:
Black votes, low-income votes, and younger voters surveyed said:
• A strong majority approve of Barack Obama’s job performance.
• A majority support government spending to stimulate job growth.
• They strongly favor ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
• A strong majority agree that government should work to provide for the needs of all citizens.
• A strong majority believe the federal government should work to ensure that all able and willing
Americans have work.
• They overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage.
• They overwhelmingly plan to vote in 2010.


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