Friday, September 17, 2010

Radnor Township Democrats Picnic

The Radnor Democrats held a Rally for Change last Saturday, September 11. About 40 people attended. Several candidates stopped by to talk with people. These are my notes from their public comments. As always, I apologize in advance for any errors or misconceptions.

Chairman George Badey served as mc and did a find job. He pointed out some local elected officials, including township commissioners John Fisher and John Nagle.

Joe Sestak could not attend but asked Joe Hoeffel to speak on his behalf. Hoeffel pointed out Delaware County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau. Hoeffel said people are angry because of the economy. Republicans spout simple theories: cut taxes, “starve the beast.” We have to energize our base. We believe in individual freedom and the magic of the market. We want to life all boats.

Bryan Lentz, currently a state representative and candidate for the 7th congressional district. He said don’t believe the headlines about trouble for the Democrats. The Democratic party gave us civil rights and protect the environment. The Republicans used to talk about balancing the budget and avoiding foreign entanglements. Now it’s run up deficits, given tax cuts to the rich, and they get into every entanglement. The Republicans are talking about their friends – corporations, drug companies and insurance companies are spending money to keep me out of office. They are paying for ads against me. That is a badge of honor. I got into politics to protect people. Between now and election day how many people can you call, how many doors can you knock on. We wont’ outspend corporations. The only counter to corporate spending is us, talking to people. I want to invest in education, protect the environment, and stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves. As your self, who do you want sticking up for you.

State Rep. Greg Vitali said we hold the state house now and don’t want that to change. Republican candidate for governor Tom Corbett will lease out state forest land and not tax Marcellus Shale extraction. for a change let’s work to keep things the same.

Walt Waite, candidate for Bryan Lentz’s state house seat said he had knocked on about 6,000 doors. It is important that we hang on to these seats. We want to help people. If you have a problem you should fix it today. If you wait until tomorrow it will take longer and cost more.

David Landau, chair of the Delaware County Democrats said Radnor is showing up how to win elections on the local level. We need that infrastructure. The key is to get the Democrats out.

My thanks to the gentleman who sent me directions.

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