Monday, September 20, 2010

More Remarks on the Florida Loophole

On Friday this came to the inbox:

Today, retired Army Captain Shannon Meehan, the Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 163rd House District, called on Representative Nick Micozzie to support and strongly urge action on House Bill 2536 closing the deadly “Florida Concealed Carry Loophole.” This loophole allows criminals who have been denied a permit to carry a concealed weapon by Pennsylvania law enforcement to apply for, and be granted, the same permit from the State of Florida . This past Sunday saw the use of a weapon obtained in this manner, by a man who had his Pennsylvania permit revoked for a 2005 confrontation with police, to kill an 18-year old alleged car robber.

“This is a direct instance in which inaction over gun legislation has cost a young man his life, and it serves as a resounding call to legislators to close this deadly loophole,” said Meehan. “As a platoon leader in Iraq , my soldiers and I worked tirelessly to disarm those who were a threat to us and their community, and I call on Representative Micozzie to side with the people he represents and law enforcement of Pennsylvania in supporting this bill.”

Unsurprisingly Joe Grace of CeaseFirePA is also in favor of closing the "Florida loophole:"

In the wake of a gun murder committed this week in Philadelphia by a Pennsylvania man armed with a .40 caliber handgun and a Florida concealed carry gun permit – whose Pennsylvania permit was previously revoked by authorities based on his arrest for a violent crime – CeaseFirePA today sent a letter to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, urging the Attorney General to take immediate action to close the Florida concealed carry loophole in PA law before further gun violence occurs.

“As Attorney General, you have the authority to change Pennsylvania’s firearms reciprocity agreement with Florida, and either end that agreement or renegotiate a stronger agreement with Florida that ensures Pennsylvanians who would otherwise be denied a permit under PA’s concealed carry requirements would not be able to obtain and use a Florida permit to carry a concealed gun in Pennsylvania,” CeaseFirePA board president Phil Goldsmith and executive director Joe Grace wrote in the organization’s letter to Corbett. “We urge you to exercise your authority immediately and close this dangerous loophole in state law.” CeaseFirePA’s letter is attached to this email.

CeaseFirePA’s letter also urged Attorney General Corbett to support PA House Bill 2536, legislation introduced to close the loophole in PA law under which PA residents, whose permits to carry concealed firearms were previously revoked or denied by PA law enforcement, are going online or by mail to obtain concealed carry permits from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

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