Friday, September 24, 2010

Manan Trivedi Update

Dr. Manan Trivedi, Iraq War vet and candidate for the 6th congressional district, has two new ads out. One takes aim at a fancy fundraiser his opponent held. (It was a golfing event so Trivedi goes out to a public driving range and asks supporters to donate one dime for every yard of distance he can hit the ball.)

The second ad takes his opponent to task for questioning Trivedi's absence from the district while he was a battalion surgeon in Iraq.

Friday, Sept. 24th Trivedi is holding a blood drive at his field office in Ardmore, in conjunction with the Red Cross, to help ease the communities vital need for blood. Throughout the summer blood reserves across Eastern Pennsylvania have reached critically low levels. Trivedi will himself give blood, as well as helping the others who give blood after they've donated.

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