Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Notes from Sept Money Magazine

A few interesting notes from the Sept. issues of Money Magazine and Fast Company:

from "10 ways to make real money," by Carolyn Bigda, Amanda Gengler, and Georges Mannes (p. 68-78). The number one suggestion is to buy health care stocks, the sidebar subtitle is "fear about the adverse effect of reform are overblown." FYI, suggestion #5 is homebuilders. Pittsburgh is listed as one of the best places to "showcase your entrepreneurial talents."

Another interesting article is "How financial reform will really work," by Donna Rosato (pp. 94-99). Part of the entry on reining in lending abuses highlights the new consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which it calls "a major victor for borrowers."

The Sept. issue of Fast Company has a note on the upcoming World Energy Conference. The accompanying graphic has a bar graph showing how much and how countries invest in renewable energy. Of the top seven countries ranked by amount spent on total investment in renewable energy, the US ranks second to China. The US spends 43.1% of its renewable energy money on wind, 22.1% on biofuels, 17.4% on solar, 10.2% on low carbon and 7.2% on other.

"Artist. Athlete. CEO," by Ellen McGirt showcases Nike boss Mark Parker, a Penn State grad.

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