Monday, August 02, 2010

Murphy Tours Paramount Industries

from the inbox:

ON MONDAY, AUGUST 2, Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-8th District) toured Langhorne’s high-tech manufacturing company Paramount Industries to hear about how the company has expanded and hired new workers despite the difficult economic climate. The Congressman’s visit coincided with the first day of work for one of Paramount’s new employees, Georgianne Pasqualone, a Bristol woman who connected with the company at a Job Fair hosted by Congressman Murphy earlier this summer.

Paramount Industries is a high-tech digital manufacturing company that builds everything from toys and toothbrushes to medical devices and unmanned micro aircraft used by soldiers to detect Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq.

“Paramount is helping to lead the economic recovery and bring good paying jobs back to Bucks County,” Murphy said.

He noted that Paramount is practicing what so many economists preach by investing in innovation and high-tech manufacturing. These playing fields are critical in order to maintain an edge with global competitors like China and India. The small business, he said, is a model for success in the 21st century, continuously adapting and reinventing itself to maintain sustainability, retain and create jobs, and serve as a model company fostering economic growth. Under the leadership of its President, Jim Williams, Paramount has adapted to market needs and paved the way for new applications of their unique manufacturing process.

Since December 2009, America’s manufacturing sector has shown promising signs of progress, adding 136,000 new jobs – a far departure from the many jobs lost over the past decade. Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector alone has increased by 9,100 employees since January 2010. While these numbers are encouraging for manufacturing and eastern Pennsylvania, there is a long way to go before our manufacturing employment reaches pre-recession levels.

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