Monday, August 02, 2010

Lentz Tours Peak Beam Systems

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Representative Bryan Lentz, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, visited Peak Beam Systems, a woman-owned manufacturer of high-performance, mobile search lights used by soldiers, border patrol agents, and first responders, on the third stop on his 10-week, 25-stop economic listening tour today.

During the hour-long visit, Lentz met with company leaders and employees to discuss the challenges that growing local businesses face in a difficult economic climate. Before the meeting, Lentz was given a tour of the factory floor where the company manufactures its hi-tech, hand held lighting devices and conducts cutting edge research and development for new products.

“The focus of my campaign has always been about creating and retaining jobs in the district so that there are enough opportunities for working families,” Lentz said. “A company like Peak Beam Systems, which has consistently developed effective new products since it was founded in 1987, is exactly the kind of company we need to be creating policies for, to encourage their growth.”

Lentz, who served multiple tours overseas in the Army, including service in the recent war in Iraq, said he was impressed by the company’s cutting-edge products, which can shine a focused beam of light on targets up to two miles away and can also be used by soldiers to suppress attackers with blinding, non-lethal force.

“I was impressed by the wide range of useful applications that Peak Beam’s products have in both military and civilian settings,” Lentz said.

The event is the third stop on a 10-week, 25-stop economic listening tour that Lentz launched last week. Additional stops this week will include a visit to American Crane & Equipment, a manufacturer of industrial cranes for the aerospace and nuclear power industry, on Wednesday and an economic town hall forum in Clifton Heights on Thursday night.

Lentz has already introduced a five-point proposal for generating job growth, including giving companies incentives to invest and expand, and providing educational opportunities to train employees in fields where demand was growing, like math and engineering. He said he would use the ten-week tour of businesses in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties to further fine tune his proposal to target the demands of local businesses and working families.

Lentz has made saving and creating jobs the cornerstone of his campaign for Congress. He is the only candidate with a published plan to get our economy moving again and the only candidate who supports Wall Street reform and the creation of a consumer financial protection agency to ensure another collapse does not happen. Lentz has also pledged to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, while his opponent Pat Meehan has signed a pledge that has required its signees to oppose legislation designed to end these tax breaks.

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