Thursday, August 12, 2010

DFA Grassroots AllStars Contest for PA

Okay, PA politicso, DFA is having a contest for the PA Grassroots AllStar. The Pennsylvania page lists eight state senate or state house candidates. You can vote for your favorite (keep in mind voting puts you on their mailing list). The ones I will vouch for personally are italicized but I'm sure all are worthy of your vote:

Walt Waite State Representative, 161st district
Gerald Policoff State Representative, 41st district
Patrick O'Keeffe State Representative, 97th district
Fern Kaufman State Representative, 26th district
Mark Painter State Representative,146th district
Susan Rzucidlo State Representative, 158th district
Bryan Allen State Senate, 6th district
Angela West State Representative, 87th district

Read up on them (on their sites on here), choose your favorite and vote here.

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