Monday, July 05, 2010

Shannon Meehan Runs for State House

Shannon P. Meehan is the Democrat running against Nick Micozzie, who has held the seat since 1978, for the 163rd state house district. The 163rd District includes portions of Upper Darby, Darby and Ridley townships, as well as the boroughs of Aldan, Clifton Heights, and Lansdowne.

Meehan is a veteran of the Iraq War. He has written and spoken about his experiences there. See a list of articles and reviews on his website: His campaign logo looks like a sheriff star -- worth clicking through just to see it.

CNN took an interest and interviewed Meehan. The video is on his site and also on the Huffington Post.

He is part of the young veteran, new parent contingent of Democratic candidates, which includes Patrick Murphy, Bryan Lentz, and Manan Trivedi. Meehan and his wife have an infant son. They were at a political event I attended earlier this year, and make an attractive family.

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