Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wrong on a Number of Levels

Sony has developed a "lifelogging" device for cats. It can tell if they are sleeping, eating, walking, etc., take photos and send a note to twitter. (See "Sony makes cats tweet with wearable lifelogging device," by Tadashi Nezu in today's Tech-On). If that were not weird enough, check this:

Furthermore, the device has a function to recognize other cats' faces taken by the camera embedded in the device. Sony CSL realized this function by using the facial images of several thousands of cats that are available on the Internet as reference data.

So face recognition software can differentiate cats. However, last December there were reports that another company's facial recognition software couldn't track the faces of African Americans on a screen. (See "Is facial recognition software discriminatory?," by Suzanne Choney, MSNBC, 12/21/09)

That is wrong on some many levels!

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