Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An Update to the Update on the 8th

Last Friday I posted a note on recent campaign rhetoric in the 8th congressional district, the rematch between Congressman Patrick Murphy and Republican Michael Fitzpatrick, who lost to Murphy by a narrow margin in 2006.

One of the items I referenced in that post was a blog entry on pa2010 by Beth Hegedus, who works for Fitzpatrick, which featured a video she said was prepared by a resident of the 8th. Going by the comments on her blog entry some people, myself included, found the video alarming, but for different reasons. Some were concerned about some of the images in the video. I found some of the captions threatening towards Murphy.

Oddly her blog entry has been removed with no explanation. The video is still on You Tube. Since it is difficult to ever completely remove something from the Internet, it is possible to find a cached copy of her introduction to it, calling it a "must see"

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