Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Onorato at University City

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Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato toured the University City Science Center today and addressed its employees and start-up business owners on his plan to boost jobs in the Commonwealth. As part of the tour, Onorato visited Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, a “graduate” of the Science Center’s business incubator that now rents space in its research park.

“Business incubators like the Science Center play a critical role in growing the Knowledge Economy and creating new companies and new jobs,” Onorato said. “As Governor, I will establish the environment that the private sector needs in order to thrive and to make Pennsylvania an attractive destination for companies to start and grow.”

As Allegheny County Executive, Onorato has helped the Pittsburgh region maximize its economic potential and retain college graduates. In April, The Huffington Post ranked Pittsburgh among the best cities for the recently graduated, citing its “bustling education and health care sectors.” Forbes magazine has rated the area among the top 10 spots for college graduates and the number one most livable region in America.

The University City Science Center operates primarily as a business incubator for small life science-based businesses and technology firms. One of the largest urban research parks in the United States, the Science Center is part of the University City Keystone Improvement Zone and Keystone Opportunity Zone. During its 47 years in West Philadelphia, it has helped more than 350 small companies with the space and resources needed to innovate and commercialize new technologies. Those firms have created more than 15,000 permanent jobs in the Philadelphia region.

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is a molecular imaging company that has recently developed a method for detecting Alzheimer’s disease in living patients. In an article about Avid last week, the New York Times wrote that the “tiny start-up company might have overcome one of the biggest obstacles in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.”

As Allegheny County Executive, Onorato worked to encourage business investment and create jobs. Under his leadership, Allegheny County has a lower unemployment rate than both the state and the nation and was recognized by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as having the fastest rate of private sector job growth in the country in April 2010.

As Governor, Onorato will work to encourage economic growth across Pennsylvania. Onorato’s plan to grow the economy and strengthen communities will:

· Establish a climate where businesses can succeed;

· Launch a “Grow Your Own” success strategy to help firms start, expand and prosper;

· Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation;

· Boost export opportunities for Pennsylvania companies and attract foreign companies to the state; and

· Ensure that Pennsylvania’s workforce is prepared for and able to access high-skill, well-paying jobs.

“I am the only candidate running for Governor who has experience managing a government and turning around an economy,” continued Onorato. “I am ready to take on the many economic obstacles we face in Pennsylvania and put our state back on track.”

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