Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lentz Comments on Green Energy

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Representative Bryan Lentz today released comments in support of legislation encouraging the expanded use of clean energy in the state, a move he said would have multiple benefits including bringing more jobs to the state and reducing a funding source for terrorist activities.

The comments were made Friday in Chester County at a press conference held to support the passage of HB 2405, a bill that expands the types of renewable energy projects that receive incentives from the state.

The event featured the dedication of a solar hot water heating system located on top of a Laundromat that uses energy from the sun to generate up to 2,700 gallons of hot water a day. The project is part of an innovative business model, made possible through the use of state and federal incentives, that allows small businesses to enjoy the benefits of clean energy systems without having to make large up-front investments.

Representative Lentz’s local leadership on domestic energy policy has been recognized by our country’s national leaders. In the summer of 2009, Lentz met with key players shaping our nation’s energy policy in Washington, DC, to discuss the development of a comprehensive energy plan, including President Obama and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. On a second visit to Washington last summer, Lentz also addressed a group of veterans with former U.S. Senator John Warner, about the links between climate change, energy and national security.

The following are a collection of Lentz’s comments from the press conference:

On expanded green energy use and job growth:

“We all know that the number one thing on our minds these days is the economy, and one of the number one pressures on businesses is energy cost. We have here a business that is going to dramatically reduce its energy costs so it will have that money available for other things—for hiring employees or for investing in other parts of their business. “

“We also have here a project (with) the potential of (an) industry to bring back manufacturing jobs to Pennsylvania. The only real opportunity for substantial creation of manufacturing jobs in our state is in renewable energy. We want to make solar panels. We want to make the component parts of projects like this here in Pennsylvania. We have the educated work force to do so, and we have the interest in it.”

On the use of green energy and how it will reduce funding for terrorist activities:

“As we speak, there are soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who are concerned about being hit by a road side bomb. Guess what? Those explosives used in those road side bombs are purchased. And nine times out of ten they are purchased with money from oil-rich countries. This project does not send any money to people trying to kill American soldiers overseas. “

On the impact of a green-energy economy on the environment:

“If you think about what it represents you realize just how much opportunity there is and how important a project like this is. You all heard the references earlier to the environment. As we stand here and speak, tragically enough, oil is gushing into the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. A dirty fossil fuel which is the predominant source of our energy here in America. This (project) doesn’t harm the environment. This protects the environment.”

On keeping Pennsylvania at the forefront of the green energy economy:

“We’ve decided as a state that we do want to be in the business of encouraging the consumption of renewable energy. All we are talking about now is how much and if we want to be competitive with other states. If you are going to get in (the renewable energy business) then you don’t want to be behind New Jersey in the level of renewable energy that has to be produced. You don’t want to be behind California or Ohio or other states.”

On the role of legislators in aiding in the development of a green-energy economy:

“It’s not enough to just praise it. People in my position, we have to take the steps necessary to give actual incentives for people to install this kind of system in their business.”

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