Saturday, June 19, 2010

Justice Dept Responds to State AG Suit

Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Tom Corbett is among the state attorneys general who have filed a lawsuit against the federal government, opposing the new health care legislation.

The Dept of Justice has responded. From today's WSJ "U.S. fights challenge to health law," by Janet Adamy and Evan Perez:

The government's filing said courts needn't even judge the merits of the states' case about the coverage requirement, because it won't take effect until 2014 "and it is entirely speculative whether the individual plaintiffs will be injured."

The filing nodded to Democrats' argument that the suits are politically motivated and have little chance of peeling back the law. "Plaintiffs call upon this court to relieve them of a difficult political choice, and in doing so, to break new legal ground," it said.

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