Monday, June 28, 2010

Budget Discussion Preliminary Report

On Saturday groups of people around the country met to set priorities for the federal budget. You can read more about the process at Philadelphia was one of the cities hosting a discussion. Preliminary results are available online, and top priorities were:

Reforms that were preferred by participants at the National Town Meeting included options that:

* Raise the limit on taxable earnings so it covers 90% of total earnings.
* Reduce spending on health care and non-defense discretionary spending by at least 5%.
* Raise tax rates on corporate income and those earning more than $1 million.
* Raise the age for receiving full Social Security benefits to 69.
* Reduce defense spending by 10% – 15%.
* Create a carbon and securities-transaction tax.

A full report is forthcoming.

On a more local level, you can register your suggestions (and vote on other suggestions) for the Pennsylvania budget at

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