Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anthony Williams to Announce Future Plans

State Senator Anthony Williams is holding a press conference tomorrow to announce his future plans. In the primary last spring Williams simultaneously ran for re-election to the state senate and in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

According to today's Inky, "Pa.'s record campaign donors: Trio give $5 million plus to Sen. Williams," by Tom Infield, three men donated over $5 million to the gubernatorial campaign. It also notes that Williams has not filed the campaign finance reports there were due last Thursday. Since Pennsylvania has lax campaign finance rules there are no limits on what people can donate so the three guys pitching in millions is perfectly legal, and the fines for not turning in reports on time is mild.

For those keeping track, the following elected officials endorsed Williams for governor (this may be not a complete list):

Michael Nutter
Dwight Evans
Seth Williams
Anna Verna
Angel Cruz
Bob Brady
Marian Quinones-Sanchez
Michael O'Pake
Connie Williams (retired from office)

We'll have to wait and see what he comes up with tomorrow.

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