Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anthony Williams on Fashion

He's championed charter schools, now he's taking on the Hanes fruit guys. State Senator Anthony Williams who ran in the primary for both his state senate seat and the governors office, and then turned in his campaign finance reports about a week late, is being discussed on the MTV website but not in a good way.

MTV style includes a blog post "Pennsylvania Senator Wants To Ban White Tees Because He Thinks They Promote Crime," by Charlotte Cowles (6/29). The post links to a Philadelphia Weekly note from 6/28 "Don't Worry, the fashion police will make the city safer." According to PW:

This morning, during Mayor Nutter’s announcement of combating witness intimidation with an additional $200,000, Williams also announced that the extra funds would help the city with “the proper ammunition to effectively prosecute ‘white-tee culture’ in Philadelphia,” he said today, basically suggesting that by eliminating kids on the corner, who often don big, blank white T-shirts, he is also eliminating crime.

The baggy pants annoy me, but the white t-shirts, if clean, seem okay, but maybe I hang out on the wrong (right?) corners.

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