Wednesday, June 16, 2010

7th District Smack Down

Pat Meehan (R) and Bryan Lentz (D), the candidates for the 7th congressional district got into a smackdown today. According to press reports Meehan called a press conference in Harrisburg (is that in the 7th district? No, but Lentz currently serves in the state house) to announce what he was billing as reasons why Lentz should not be elected. As it turns out he was trying to tie Lentz to the BonusGate scandal. Lentz was present, took the podium and rebutted the accusations. You can read about it on pa2010 (with video), Capitol Ideas, and the Inquirer.

For those interested in reading some background on Lentz's state house campaign finance information, this past April I researched and wrote up an overview of all of his campaign finance reports for his state house races. The PA House Democratic Campaign Committee did provide in-kind donations of staff but the Lentz campaign donated almost as much (or more) back to the PA HDCC. Almost all of the other state campaign finance reports, from candidates of both major parties, show similar patterns.

I don't think this was anything to call a press conference over.

(Personal note: I don't drink alcohol or coffee so that research was done stone cold sober and without chemical stimulation)

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