Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twitter-Dee and Twitter-Dum

As you have probably read, Attorney General and GOP candidate for governor Tom Corbett has subpoenaed the login data for two twitter accounts. He believes one of the bonusgate defendants is blogging and twittering information against him, and wants this information included in the sentencing decision. (John Micek has a good overview of the situation). Neither of these accounts had large followings before his subpoena. One had less than 30 followers, though both have considerably more now, thanks to the free publicity. Yes, these accounts and the blog attached to one of them have been posting derogatory information on Corbett, but I'm not sure that rises to the level of official action by the state attorney general. CasablancaPA clearly has an agenda but whoever is behind it often backs up statements with links to newspaper articles or provides other supporting documentation; the writer isn't necessarily making things up. Between now and November it is entirely possible that I will say a few negative things about the Attorney General. And I also will probably have supporting documentation. Should I expect Attorney General Corbett to subpoena my personal information, too? It's a scary thought.

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