Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robophone Survey on PA Senate Election

This evening we received a call from National Opinion Survey -- an automated survey (If you are a Democrat, press 1, etc.). It focused on the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary. There was no mention of who was paying for the survey. The questions were part of a tree structure, one leading to another, so I can only comment on the questions I received. Here that are:

Did you vote (yes/no)
Did you vote for Specter or Sestak?
Did you vote that way to send a message to Washington on jobs in Pennsylvania, because you preferred one candidate over another, both or not sure.
Do you think Congress understands the job crisis in Pennsylvania?
Are you employed?
Full time or part time?
Demographic data: age range, gender, party, college degree, post-graduate degree, Hispanic or not, racial identity, you or family member belong to a union?

Not sure what that is all about.

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