Tuesday, May 04, 2010

CeaseFirePA Voters' Guide

CeaseFirePA has released their voters' guide. The 16 page pdf outlines the group's positions and issues, which gubernatorial candidates responded (Democrats Joe Hoeffel, Dan Onorato, Jack Wagner, Anthony Williams, and Republican Sam Rohrer) and which did not (Republican Tom Corbett).

The issues are:

Requiring reporting of lost or stolen handguns to the police
Closing the terror gap that allows known terrorists to buy guns
Restoring funds to Gun Violence Task Force and expanding Task Force to other cities
Banning the sale and possession of assault weapons
Increasing criminal penalties for persons convicted of illegally possessing handguns
Strengthening law as to how persons prohibited from possessing guns surrender weapons

Their summation is:

Joe Hoeffel was the candidate who most demonstrated agreement with CeaseFirePA's agenda to prevent gun violence. Anthony Williams was second in support for reasonable gun violence prevention policies, with Dan Onorato close behind. While Sen. Williams answered more questions affirmatively than Onorato, Sen.
Williams opposed two questions that Onorato supported. We’re pleased that Jack Wagner supported many of our proposals, but disappointed that he rejected several key policies. Sam Rohrer clearly missed the mark, but at least he answered the questionnaire and provided his views on guns to Pennsylvanians - more than can be said for Attorney General Tom Corbett, who failed to share his views on this vital public safety topic with the citizens of Pennsylvania

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