Monday, May 10, 2010

Adam Lang Accepts Interim Ward Leader Appointment, Will Not Run for Seat

from the inbox:

With the impending retirement of
29th Republican Ward Leader Talmadge Belo, Ward Chairman Adam Lang has
accepted the recommendation and appointment by Republican City
Committee to the position starting on May 19th. Adam has stated he
will not be running for election of the seat after the May 18th

“It has been a pleasure assisting Talmadge in the duties of the ward
over the last three years. He is a great man who cares deeply for his
neighborhood. He is someone I don't just call Ward Leader, but I call
friend. His integrity will be missed from the ranks of Republican
City Committee,” said Adam Lang. “I will do my best to operate the
ward at the same standard until elections are held. While I am
choosing not to seek the Ward Leader position myself, I will continue
working with Talmadge on increasing the quality of life in our
neighborhood and fight for a better Philadelphia.”

Adam Lang and Talmadge Belo are both board members of the Brewerytown
Sharswood Community Civic Association where they live. Adam's past
and continued political activity can be seen at

The 29th Ward of Philadelphia is a predominantly poor and African
American ward in North Philadelphia bounded by Poplar St. to Oxford
St. and Ridge Ave. to 33rd St. with the inclusion of Boathouse Row and
the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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