Friday, April 16, 2010

SEPTA Says "Oh, Behave!"

From the inbox:

SEPTA has always had rules for riding. The Passenger Etiquette program links our overall goal of customer service excellence to a visual and colorful outreach campaign. During the month of April, the campaign introduces new rules and guidelines for eating and drinking while riding on SEPTA buses, trains and trolleys.

Eating and drinking was previously not allowed. Why make adjustments? In today’s travel environment, the time riding on SEPTA may be the only break a person has between home and taking the kids to daycare, between work and school, or a first and second job. It may be the only time to have a light snack or our quench one’s thirst.

Chips, fruit and candy bars are snacks. It is without question that cooked and prepared foods are not meant to be consumed on a vehicle in motion with customers in motion.

Customer comfort and convenience are important considerations for SEPTA. The colorful posters, car cards, and flyers remind customers to help us keep travel space clean and inviting - by using a container with a sturdy, resealable lid and taking any trash off the vehicles with them, where it can be dispose of properly.
The Passenger Etiquette Program was designed to address basic concerns, enhance a pleasant commuting environment, and encourage passengers to be more considerate of other riders.

"The quality of each SEPTA ride depends on a partnership between customers and employees, one built on mutual respect and courtesy for each other" says SEPTA General Manager Joe Casey. "It’s not just the responsibility of our operators and frontline staff to do their best for our customers – we also need our customers to do their best to help them."

The comfort and cleanliness of a bus, train or trolley ride depends on all of us.
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