Monday, March 15, 2010

Swiss Cat Lawyers, or, Fluffy's Revenge

While reading through the Wall Street Journal last week something caught my eye. "Scales of Justice: In Zurich, Even Fish Have a Lawyer," by Deborah Ball (3/06), on an election to see if all cantons in Switzerland should have an animal lawyer. What is a animal lawyer:

Mr. Goetschel is the official animal lawyer for the Swiss canton of Zurich, a sort of public defender who represents the interests of pets, farm animals and wildlife. He wound up with the pike as a client when animal-welfare groups filed a complaint alleging animal cruelty in the fish's epic battle with an amateur angler.

The referendum did not pass.

When I read the article I was lounging in a large chair with one of our two house cats curled up next to me. I've shared living space with one or more cats for most of my life and if there is one thing I'm certain of it's that not one single feline on the face of the Earth that thinks it is sufficiently well-treated. If cat whisperers or pet psychics or what have you can team up with cat lawyers and interpret the wishes of cats in a court of law all cat possessed households would be doomed.

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