Monday, March 08, 2010

PhillyMag: Rick Taylor is a Good Neighbor

The March issue of Philadelphia Magazine has an article called "10 awesome neighborhoods to call home," which describes a selection of areas around Philadelphia and why they are good places to live. Each description has a "residents you ought to know" section. Two elected officials are mentioned by name.

For Skippack you find: "Graterford Prison is right outside town. But don't worry; former Montco D.A. and current commissioner Bruce Castor lives here, as does his old buddy, fellow former D.A. Michael Marino."

Note this "residents you ought to know" for Ambler: "Eight-time Gold Glove winner Bobby Shantz; State Rep. Rick Taylor." Not necessarily because he's a state rep, but just because he's a nice guy.

[Update: the initial post didn't have closed quotations after Taylor's name. The comment about him being a nice guy is mine and not the magazine's. However, they did list him so I think they would agree.]

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