Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lentz Files with 5,200 Signatures

from the inbox:

Representative Bryan R. Lentz announced today that his grassroots campaign to represent the people of Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District has secured over 5,200 nominating signatures. This number is more than 5 times the 1,000 signatures required by the Commonwealth to place him on the May 18th primary ballot. The over 5,200 signatures is unprecedented for candidates running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District. Lentz has over 1,000 contributors and has already raised more money than any other Democrat in history at this point in the election cycle so this signature filing continues the campaign’s record-setting pace. Likely Republican opponent Pat Meehan filed just under 3600 signatures or 1600+ fewer than Lentz.

“This campaign will be won and lost on the ground level by people talking to their family, friends and neighbors about changing the way Washington works and putting government back on the side of ordinary Americans,” Lentz stated. “It is truly inspiring to see so many people committed to changing the way our government works, and I appreciate their trust and confidence. Nobody will work harder for the people of the Delaware Valley than me and my team of committed volunteers. It just goes to show you that the old-style political machines of the past are no match for the organized efforts of everyday people who are committed to change. ”

Grassroots campaigning is nothing new to Lentz and in fact, has become a trademark of his. In 2006, Lentz defeated a 28-year Republican incumbent to win a seat in the Pennsylvania State House by personally knocking on over 20,000 doors. Democrats often cite Lentz’s grassroots work as a model for how to win campaigns in Republican-controlled districts. This election cycle, Lentz has already recruited over 1,000 volunteers to join his people-powered campaign and the 5,200+ signatures they collected is a testament to Lentz’s ability to both inspire and organize.

“The really amazing thing was the number of Republicans we had asking to sign petitions for Bryan,” said Lentz Field Director Mike Eagle. “I think Bryan’s military service and his reputation as an independent voice for reform make him an inspiring candidate for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Unfortunately, only Dems can sign these petitions, but rest assured that our grassroots army will include foot soldiers from all walks of life and political backgrounds as we build toward victory in November.”


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the lartest on the Meehan/Lentz petition contest?
Just google either name under google news - have fun!

AboveAvgJane said...

Yes,it's interesting to watch!