Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leftovers from the New Yorker

I've been catching up on my reading. Here are a few interesting notes from the New Yorker.

"The Daley Show," by Evan Osnos (3/08), on Chicago's Mayor Daley.

Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania and a former mayor of Philadelphia told me [of Daley], "He's the best mayor in the history of the country, I think."

Daley's wife, born Maggie Corbett, is the daughter of a suburban Pittsburgh auto-parts dealer.

The March 15th issue included a "Financial Page" column called "Special Interest," by James Surowiecki. It's a little trick to explain or understand, but as I grasp it, money managers at public companies you pay regular taxes. Money managers at privately held partnerships, such as hedge funds, pay capital gains, at a much lower rate. A bill to close this loophole passed in the House. As of Surowiecki's writing the Senate had not taken up the bill. This is definitely something that should be fixed.

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