Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Quick Note on John Murtha

Congressman John Murtha died earlier this month. Since his congressional district isn't in the geographic area I cover I've never written much about him. After his death it seemed best to let his family grieve in peace without out of town bloggers horning in and talking about him. However, long time friend of the blog Josh Nanberg has written a heartfelt remembrance of the congressman. Here is his summary:

Mr. Murtha explained that became involved with diabetes because of high rates among his constituents. He was able to use his position as an appropriations subcommittee chair to ensure that research dollars went to addressing the problem. And despite his national importance, his chairmanship, his newfound celebrity status in the progressive community because of his opposition to the war, Jack Murtha was telling us about the importance of being responsible to the people who send you to Congress every time there’s an election.

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