Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lois Herr on Women's Campaign Forum Endorsement List

Lois Herr is on the list of candidates endorsed by the Women's Campaign Forum. Here is their write up:

Lois Herr is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 16th District. Active in the Democratic Party, Herr was the endorsed 2004 and 2006 Democratic candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District. She was elected a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention and is an elected local committee leader for the Democratic Party and member of the State Democratic Party Committee. In 2006-07 she served as Executive Director of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee and was a volunteer coordinator for the congressional campaign in 2008. Herr is experienced in business, government, and academia. She speaks and writes about marketing, corporate governance, and women's rights/responsibilities. During her years with highly respected companies, she gained solid experience in marketing, operations, finance, executive training, corporate planning, and communications/publications. For more information, visit Lois Herr's website.

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