Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chris Doherty to Run for State Senate

From the inbox, an email from Chris Doherty's campaign:

I have decided, after a great deal of thought and conversation with my family, to end my campaign for governor and, instead, run for the Pennsylvania State Senate.

When I got into the governor's race last year, my priorities were to focus on creating jobs, getting the economy here in Northeast Pennsylvania back on track, and moving us past the old politics that have plagued our region and our state. We received a tremendous reception everywhere we went, and I was very encouraged by that response.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, running for statewide office means spending most of the day raising money. I'd rather be working on the challenges facing Northeast Pennsylvania.

My commitment to job creation, economic growth, and changing the way government operates is unwavering. So when the opportunity to advance those issues by running for the state senate became available, I was immediately interested.

Not only is it an opportunity to promote job creation initiatives and economic growth in the Northeast, but it's also an opportunity to pick up the torch for our region. Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh don't need to worry about getting their fair share, but someone needs to fight for Northeastern Pennsylvania. By representing the 22nd senate district, I plan to make sure we're not forgotten.

I grew up in Scranton as one of 11 kids, and now that I'm raising six kids of my own, I am more committed than ever to making this the best state in the country for families.

Running for the state senate is a unique opportunity to continue the work I started when I was first elected mayor while continuing to make sure our community has the strongest possible representation in Harrisburg.

I look forward to the campaign ahead, and I hope you'll continue to be a part of it.

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