Friday, January 01, 2010

Hoeffel on Prevailing Wage

From the inbox:

Joe Hoeffel Denounces Ravenstahl's New Year's Eve Veto of Pittsburgh Prevailing Wage Bill

Statement of Democrat Joe Hoeffel, Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania:

"I was disappointed to see 2009 end with the vetoing of Pittsburgh's prevailing wage bill. The bill had been passed unanimously by Pittsburgh's city council and has received support from labor groups, environmental groups, and other progressives from across the City. The bill has been seen across the state as holding the potential for being a model for economic development reform. The last-minute veto - made at a time when council members had already recessed for the New Year - flies in the face of progressive values and of open and transparent government. "

" I urge Chris Doherty, Tom Knox, Dan Onorato, and Jack Wagner to join me in standing up for those who care about good government and about economic justice by denouncing this move. It is my sincere hope that when Pittsburgh's City Council convenes in 2010, they bring this bill up once again for reconsideration and pass it again with a veto-proof majority."

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