Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hoeffel Kicks Off Campaign

Joe Hoeffel formally launched his campaign for governor today. He held events across the state, ending in Philadelphia, at the convention center. I stopped in. If you haven't there, the convention center is a big place. I teamed up with another woman wandering the halls trying to find it. Hoeffel did give us a big clue -- he brought a MARCHING BAND. Yes, the Lincoln University Orange Crush were playing away when I got there. I've never seen a marching band at a political event before. It was very cool. A marching band, complete with those big hats, uniforms, high stepping and a drum major. One more time: a marching band!

Marcel Groen, chair of the Montgomery Count Democrats, started things off. He said politicians don't always like Hoeffel but people do.

He introduced Kate Michelman, president of NARAL from 1985 to 2004. She is chairing Women for Hoeffel. Michelman is a resident of Pennsylvania and lives in the "T." She has known Hoeffel since he was a state rep in Harrisburg. He went on the serve on the Montgomery County commissioner, congressman, and again as county commissioner.

Hoeffel then spoke. He said he believes in public service and wants to make Pennsylvania better by changing the way things work in Harrisburg. He challenges people to step forward and take part in the election. Describing himself as a socially liberal and fiscally conservative he wants to focus on our hopes and dreams not our fears and anger.

Priorities will be jobs and good schools. He wants legislation that will treat people fairly and equitably. He mentioned specifically choice and gun safety legislation (one handgun a month, reporting of lost and stolen guns). In economic development we need to invest with the private sector to create opportunities.

Hoeffel's family, wife and two grown children, joined him on the stage.

It was a very nice campaign kickoff. Did I mention he had a marching band?

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