Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greg Kravitz Runs for State House

Gregg Kravitz, who has been working with 6th congressional candidate Manan Trivedi, has decided to run for office himself. He is taking on Rep. Babette Josephs who represents the 182nd district, which is located in the Center City area of Philadelphia and includes the neighborhoods of Grays Ferry, Center City, Fitler Square, Washington Square West, Bella Vista, South of South Street, Passyunk Square, Logan Square, Hawthorne, and Fairmount.

Kravitz send these comments in a press release:

“My decision to run for state representative is not about me or any other candidate in this election,” said Kravitz. “It is about you, and it’s about the future of Pennsylvania. The challenges facing our state are complex, and often intertwined. We have deficits on so many fronts: jobs, education, health care, civil rights, safety, infrastructure – the list goes on and on,” Kravitz continued. "Now more than ever, we need to stop worrying about who is wrong and put our focus on what is wrong and how to fix things."

Active in his community from the time he was a teenager, Kravitz has taken on leadership roles within his synagogue, his university NAACP chapter and the Philadelphia Democratic Party. The son of small business owners, he learned the importance of serving his community from a very young age: “My parents' influence has made a tremendous impact on my life,” said Kravitz. “From their entrepreneurial spirit, to serving others through our synagogue, I learned the value of hard work and civic engagement. With that, I have always tried to do right by those around me."

"The level of corruption and cronyism that is so prevalent in Pennsylvania's state Capitol is unacceptable at any time - but it is particularly damaging at a time when real leadership is needed. I will step up and push for the necessary changes that need to be made so that the people of this district will feel confident that their interests are once again the priority in Harrisburg. And that is why I am running to be their next state representative,” Kravitz concluded.

I've emailed with Kravitz regarding the Trivedi and was impressed with is work.

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