Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Word on Kitchen Gadgets

One of the most popular posts on this blog is one written in April, 2007, on the foodstamp challenge (trying to live on what people receive in foodstamps). My post pointed out that it would be easier for me to live off that amount than it would be for people who actually receive foodstamps. One of the reasons for this is the kitchen equipment I have -- storage for bulk purchases, various cooking options (microwave, stove, etc.), and the ability to store leftovers safely.

The wisebread blog has an interesting list of "four sort-of small kitchen gadgets that equal big savings." Yahoo! green has a list of "five kitchen gadgets that save you money adn time."

There is some overlap between the two lists -- each recommends a bread machine and a slow cooker. You can use less expensive, tougher, cuts of meat in a slow cooker, which taste wonderful when the food is done. I have one of these and let me assure you there is nothing quite like a quiet weekend day with the whole house smelling of beef stew or barley soup or something. There's also nothing like coming home from a day at work and walking into a house that smells the same.

Households in financial trouble could do worse than trying to pick up some of these items on sale or in second hand shops. Those with friends or relatives who are feeling a pinch might use these lists for holiday shopping.

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