Thursday, November 12, 2009

PA State Legislature on Health Care

Our friends at the National Conference of State Legislatures have put together a list of state bills, well, this is how they word it:

As part of state-based responses to federal health reform legislation, members of at least 11 state legislatures are using the legislative process to seek to limit, alter or oppose selected state or federal actions, including single-payer provisions and mandates that would require purchase of insurance.

Their entry for PA is:

HB 2053 by Rep. Baker
Proposed statute "providing for the rights of individuals to purchase private health care insurance and prohibiting certain governmental action." States, "The people shall have the right to enter into private contracts with health care providers for health care services and to purchase private health care coverage. The legislature may not require any individual to participate in any health care system or plan, nor may it impose a penalty or fine, of any type, for choosing to obtain or decline health care coverage or for participation in any particular health care system or plan."
(Filed and sent to Insurance Committee, 10/21/09)

50% both legislative chambers

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