Thursday, November 05, 2009

Implementing Green Infrastructure

I'm delayed in noting the release of a new report, "Implementing Green Infrastructure: Developing a Winning Strategy to Fund Philadelphia's Ambitious Visions,” commissioned by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and prepared by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, that examines funding sources for green infrastructure.

An executive summary of the lengthy full report is available. The report notes the number of plans previously produced that outline goals but were never implemented. While many of the proposed strategies are common sense (promote external partnerships), it also provides some excellent public relations concepts, such as promoting the benefits of open space. That sounds cliched but I've done some volunteer work in this area, done some reading on it, and still found new ideas.

Those who work in planning, development, real estate, sustainability, and related areas, as well as those who simply have an interest in the city, should take a look at it. It might also be handy to print out and refer to when developing activist game plans.

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