Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chris Doherty Campaign Website

One of the many Democrats running for governor, Scranton mayor Chris Doherty, now has his campaign website up and running:


Philly Girl said...

I think all people do from Scranton is run for governor.

I think it is time that people from Scranton gave someone else a chance to put an end to all the corruption in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

Chris Doherty is nothing more than a king with no clothes.. but a great PR team He is into his 3rd term , has the city buried in debt, and has not lifted the "distressed" status although he is in his 8th year at the helm,, Scranton is actually worse off than 8 years ago..
"DONT TAKE THE BAIT"..:quoting his last election slogan
Electin Chris Doherty would be a disaster for Pennsylvania

A Scranton resident

AboveAvgJane said...

This blog post was mentioned and linked to in a Scranton political forum that appears to be anti-Doherty. Both of these comments came in via a link from that forum.

Now that everyone has that out of their system let's move on. If you want to say why you like your candidate or want to provide some factual reasons why you don't like Doherty that's okay.

I know a lot of blogs like as many comments as possible, but we do things a little differently around here. Piling on multiple "we don't like this guy" comments with nothing more than emotion behind them don't fly.

Anonymous said...

ok, he increased the budget from 58 million to 78 million in his 8 years in office. he borrowed on top of that 150 to 200 million dollars that won't be paid off until 2028. he raised property taxes 25%. the police and firefighters in scranton have been without a contract in 7 years while his administrators were given huge raises. he has sold city properties such as scranton's golf course and south side sports complex. this was not taken from any blog or link, these are the facts debate them if you can. "DON'T TAKE THE BAIT"

AboveAvgJane said...

okay, you've had your say. Find somewhere else to go now.

And to the person on the message board that has been sending people over here who complained about comment moderation, yes, the "boss" does have to approve things before they are posted. If I didn't there would be a mass of real estate ads, world of warcraft ads, and so on.