Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SEPTA's New Hybrid Buses

This is part of a press release from SEPTA yesterday:

The 40 buses being purchased under the ARRA bolster an already robust and growing number of hybrids in the transit authority’s fleet. SEPTA is purchasing over 400 additional hybrids from New Flyer through 2011 under a four-year deal with the Minnesota-based company.

By the time all of these buses are delivered and put into service, approximately one of every three buses operating on SEPTA routes in the region will be powered by fuel-efficient, diesel-electric hybrid engines.

The hybrid buses are powered by an advanced parallel hybrid-electric power train using an electric battery system and traditional diesel power. The electrical and diesel systems work together to conserve energy during various functions, including starts and braking. By using the conserved energy to recharge the battery, the bus uses less fuel and the power train is designed to significantly reduce various fuel emissions.

Hybrid buses are up to 29 percent more fuel efficient than traditional diesel buses, and can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 80 percent, and carbon dioxide emissions by 38 percent. They are also quieter-running, reducing noise pollution.

With one of the nation’s largest hybrid bus fleets, SEPTA is becoming an attractive destination for those interested in the growing field of so-called “green careers.” In fact, SEPTA is prominently featured in an educational series about green careers, which can been viewed at http://vimeo.com/6840823

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