Monday, October 26, 2009

Preliminary Govenor Notes

We have a few (4?) declared Democratic gubernatorial candidates and some ditherers who can't make up their mind yet.

Dan Onorato has opened an office in Philadelphia
Chris Doherty opened one last month.
(See this note at PA2010 for a very humorous welcome note Doherty's people send Onorato's.)

Onorato has a web site up; Doherty plans to retool his old Scranton mayoral website.

Joe Hoeffel has a website but no office.

Tom Knox has both but I'm not sure anyone wants to find them.

The Democratic Governors Association, is a refreshing sign of outreach, has been having monthly conference calls with bloggers. So far they have focused primarily on the two 2009 races in Virginia and Florida New Jersey (note: where would you rather be on a rainy day?), but next month the 37 2010 races should move to the forefront of the conversation.

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