Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update on Croydon Station

Last June I attended the groundbreaking for the Croydon Station (Bucks County) renovation). The post generated a few comments and since then I've received a few emails asking if I knew how the project was going.

To be honest I haven't been to the station since then and so have no first hand knowledge but the nice people at SEPTA were kind enough to give me an update. Here is what the official word is on the progress so far:

Since the ground-breaking of the Croydon Station Revitalization Project in June 2009 several important elements have been addressed:

* Cedar Avenue has been realigned with Rt. 13 to improve traffic safety and volume in the area.

* The elevated pedestrian walkway on Cedar Avenue is nearly complete.

* An 8ft. high, 700 ft. long privacy wall has been constructed on the outbound lot for the residents on Magnolia Avenue whose homes boarder the station.

* A storm water detention system beneath the station outbound parking lot has been completed.

The two-year $12 million construction project will revitalize the current Croydon Station with a new state-of-the-art transportation facility.

Thanks to SEPTA for the information.

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