Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toomey, Spector, and Sestak in the New Yorker

In the Sept. 28th issue of the New Yorker, there is an article entitled "Getting to no," by Peter J. Boyer. It isn't freely available online -- you have to either pick up a printed copy or have a digital subscription. The focus is on the Republican base, as framed by the Pennsylvania senate race. Pat Toomey, his conservative roots, and shift toward the center are a prime focus, as is Arlen Spector's party shift. Joe Sestak just sort of peeks out from the wings now and then.

I find these two points from p. 33 on Toomey hard to reconcile:

"Toomey did not mention abortion, which he thinks should be prohibited, or gay marriage, which he opposes."


"That unifying idea -- personal freedom, and its corollary, limited government -- is not only Toomey's creed but his strategy as well."

So, personal freedom for everyone except pregnant women and gay people, and limited government except in medical decisions and social issues?