Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing Telephone

Today was "wait for the guy" day -- furnace guy, carpet measuring guy. While I was home the phone rang a few times, mostly kid stuff, I'm coordinating a fundraiser for one group, and had two meetings tonight for others. But two were political:

1) A call asking me to let my senator know I supported clean energy legislation and would I like them to connect me directly to Sen. Specter's office? I asked for a bill number. The woman on the phone didn't have that information so I declined. It just annoys me when people call and don't have basic information, even if I agree with the legislation or concept, even if I already know the bill number. Don't bother me if you don't know what you are talking about.

2) The National Republican Senatorial Committee called me and asked, I kid you not, it was worded just this way, with no warm up or howdeedo, "What do you think is the most threatening thing about the Obama administration?" I told them I did not find it threatening in the least. The woman was prepared to hang up at this point but I asked what kind of responses they were getting. She said a lot of people were worried about government spending. One note -- last fall I mentioned that our household received a letter from the McCain campaign with the address label showing the same typo that the label on our issues of Money Magazine have. This woman from NRSC used that version of my name. Note to the GOP: not everyone who subscribes to Money is a Republican. Also, the phone rang three times in the past week with NRSC showing in caller id but when I answered no one was there. If you don't have enough telemarketers on hand, cut down on the level of calls. It is so annoying to run for the phone only to find out the person calling you isn't there.

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