Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pennsylvania Recovery Funding Update

From the inbox:

In June, we released details about our “Roadmap to Recovery,” an ambitious effort to step up the level of activity in implementing the Recovery Act over the following 100 days. Today, we’re pleased to report back to you on the achievements of the summer. The full document can be found at

Below please find the specific actions that occurred in Pennsylvania:

* Commitment: Enable 1,129 Health Centers in 50 States and 8 Territories to Provide Expanded Service to Approximately 300,000 Patients

Result: In Pennsylvania, 36 health centers are providing expanded services to residents throughout the state.

* Commitment: Create 125,000 Summer Youth Jobs

Result: Over $40.6 million was awarded to the state for summer employment programs.

* Commitment: Hire or Keep on the Job Approximately 5,000 Law Enforcement Officers

Result: In Pennsylvania, over $20 million was awarded to 19 different law enforcement agencies, hiring or keeping on the street 93 law enforcement officers.

* Commitment: Begin Work on Rehabilitation and Improvement Projects at 98 Airports and over 1,500 Highway Locations Throughout the Country

Result: In Pennsylvania, over $442 million was awarded to begin 134 highway projects and three airport projects across the state.

* Commitment: Initiate 2,300 Construction and Rehabilitation Projects at 359 Military Facilities Across the Nation

Result: Work was begun on 54 different DoD construction and rehabilitation projects at locations throughout the state.

* Commitment: Start 200 New Waste and Water Systems in Rural America

Result: Over $14 million was awarded to begin two new water system improvement projects in Pennsylvania.

* Commitment: Begin Improvements at 90 Veterans Medical Centers Across 38 States

Result: Work began on 12 projects at six VA Medical Centers in Pennsylvania.

You can view a list of projects awarded to your state here:


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading when I got to "hiring or keeping". What does that mean? How do they measure it?

Dishonest on one point, dishonest on all.... It's not worth reading further.

AboveAvgJane said...

Sorry to hear that.

New hires are fairly easy to keep track of. Keeping, at least in the workplaces I am familiar with, means positions that would be cut if the money weren't there. When budget cuts are projected most workplaces require departments to create a plan for absorbing those cuts. Positions that can be kept with unexpected money, such as recovery funds, are counted as "kept." Or at least that's how I read it.